> Everything you need to know about our Mission.


Wellness Addiction Recovery Services (W.A.R.S.) is a full service certified addiction treatment facility employing skilled physicians, counselors, and treatment staff dedicated to creating winning strategies in medication assisted addiction recovery.

We are located 23 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the community of Greensburg and serve the “four corners” region of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Our clients come from Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio as well as Pennsylvania. We equally welcome all walks of life and never discriminate on the bases of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.


Our mission here at Wellness Addiction Recovery Services (W.A.R.S.) is to de-stigmatize opioid use disorder by treating addiction as a chronic illness rather than a willful choice or moral weakness !

We provide a safe and empathetic environment that fosters effective recovery strategies and facilitates the acceptance of the recovering individual back into society as a contributing, productive, and valued member.

We believe with all our heart that we all benefit from the inclusion rather than the exclusion of these recovering individuals when they are reunited and connected to loved ones, are raising families, and contributing to their community in meaningful ways such as gainful employment.

We at Wellness Addiction Recovery Services will never stop fighting what we believe is perhaps the single most dangerous threat to our society at large, that of opioid dependency.


Wellness Addiction Recovery Services ( W.A.R.S.) values creating a positive attitude towards addiction recovery through providing a loving and respectful environment.

We can help a person regain their belief in themselves and recover a strong and lasting sense of self- worth.

We work tirelessly to establish trust through honesty, intimacy, and positivity and help create a realistic environment that confronts unrealistic expectations and negative attitudes. Often we find the most important barriers to successful recovery are self absorption, negative thinking, and a sense of hopelessness.

We believe by creating a trusting and intimate relationship with each individual we can confront these and other barriers with the conviction that successful recovery is achieved through a life balance between mind, body, and soul.

Understanding that each of our clients are a unique and precious resource, we strive to induce expansion of self awareness, strengthening of health and wellness, and a sense of humility through spiritual growth.

Our skilled physicians and treatment staff seek out and develop treatment plans for co-existing illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and hepatitis-C. These secondary co-existing illnesses all too often complicate and even de-rail creating a successful recovery.

We have seen that once balance is achieved in one's life the recovering individual develops coping strategies to learn to live life on life's terms.